The first thing of which there is no doubt is that things are changing and are never likely to stop, perhaps the biggest driver here being the fact that more and more people are viewing the web on mobile devices. This means that every site has to be designed to be visually effective on these smaller screens, as well as being easy to navigate and fast to load, a mix that makes getting it right quite a tall order.

So the million dollar question is: What are the hottest design trends for the upcoming year? We’re glad you asked! As you know, Buzz Digital offers the most stunning website templates to help you begin your website on the right foot. Let’s take a look at the design trends that are going to take over 2017 – and how you can use them to keep your website looking fresh:

  • Draw attention with GIFs

All right. Let’s be clear. Overusing Gifs and animations can definitely hurt your website’s UX (User Experience). But done in the right way, you can bring your website to life by accenting important aspects ultimately bringing your design to the next level without making your visitors squint.

  • Think outside the box with 3D geometric shapes

The use of squares and other geometric shapes also looks interesting, the idea it seems stemming from Google’s material design. Cleverly used, this design methodology looks anything but flat, and we have been using it for client’s for some degree already, so it will be interesting to see how this one catches on with other designers.

Known as “low poly,” this technique was originally used in 3D models and computer games and has now found its way into graphic design both for the web and print.

  • Desktop Push Notifications

We’ve all experienced the power of push notifications. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, it’s so hard to ignore that little ding or buzz. So hard to not whip out your phone and engage with whoever’s pinging you. And now, many websites are trying to bring that power to the desktop.

At Buzz Digital we have always aimed to do this, it being so necessary to make our client’s websites stand out amongst the crowd. These notifications keep our client’s website and company in the visitor’s mind throughout the day, as they get small reminders and alerts, again something that we agree wholeheartedly with.

  • Direct chat with support

Chatting with customers and responding to their questions helps personalise a company’s web presence. Apps like Intercom modernise the support experience by mirroring how messaging works on social media sites like Facebook. The ability to get help immediately also helps build trust in a brand.

Wrapping it up

Whilst we think everything on this list is pretty great, don’t try and fit every single one of these trends into your new website.Some will work for some companies, others won’t. Pick and choose which styles and capabilities your client both needs and wants. Trying to do too much will instantly decrease the UX of your website. So be selective, be careful, and, most importantly, be creative.

Do you have your own web design predictions you don’t see listed here? Let us know what you’d like to see even more of in the comments below!

(source: business2community