So, you’ve finally decided to update your website with a fresh new design, that’s great! All websites undergo at least one minor facelift at some point in their life. A redesign can be a wise investment, though – after all, your website is your primary online marketing tool. By following best practices and using a strategic approach you can help your brand garner ROI as well as brand visibility. Let’s look at five reasons you should consider a website redesign:

  • Ready for a change or rebrand

Sometimes a business will shift gears and change directions, which is a great time to roll out a new website design and branding. If your company has been going through a rebrand, it is important to keep your website up-to-date, maybe even change the content on your website and add in new images.

  • Low conversions and high bounce rate

Have you looked at your website analytics recently? If the average time-on-site or pages-per-visit numbers are low, it’s time to rethink your design and website copy. These two metrics are indicators that website visitors are not finding the content or the answers they need, or are not attracted by your design. Colours and design layout can affect user experience

  • Slow load time

According to Wired, “47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.” If your website doesn’t load within three seconds, there is something wrong. Thus, slow load times are a sign that there may be some technical issues with your website which could cause you to lose potential clients and visitors

  • Your website is not responsive

Did you know that more searches on Google now come from mobile devices than traditional desktops? Mobile traffic increases daily and there is no sign of it slowing down. If your website isn’t responsive, you will limit the chances of Google searches and will definitely require a redesign.

  • It’s hard to maintain

When was the last time you updated your site? Why? If the answer is because it is hard to update, then determine why this is. If updating your website requires an IT person, you website is not up to date with the times. Fresh content drives traffic. If you don’t update your website, people won’t have a reason to come back.


In the end, ask yourself and your team, “Is our website a true representation of who we are and does it do what we need it to?” If not, then it’s time to revaluate and consider a new web design.

If you have any questions about your website give us a call and take advantage of our free 30 minute website consultation, so we can talk about what you’re doing right – and what you could be doing better.